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Introducing the Swickster Fingerboard System


The Swickster Fingerboard is an innovative, new approach to learning and playing the guitar.  Finally, a guitar that makes it possible to visualize the white and black notes commonly seen on a piano keyboard.  Students can now learn to improvise like magic with no prior knowledge of music theory. 

Just pick up the guitar, select a backing track (found on this website), and play the white notes!  That's all there is to it!  Click the following link to witness a classroom of public high school beginning guitarists improvising using this method.  Notice EVERY student can do it!

click Watch PBS Broadcast about the Swickster Guitars click

click Watch Power Point Presentation Presented at the American String Teachers Association National Convention click

click Watch Swickster being used in a concert setting click


                                                  The Swickster Fingerboard System is:

                                                                        1) Educationally Sound

                                                      2) Heavily influenced by the philosophy of Karl Orff

                                                      3) Removes the risks of making errors

                                                      4) The quintessential improvisational tool for guitarists

                                                      5) Brings the keyboard to the fingerboard

                                                      6) Assists students in experiencing instant success


Contact Information

Postal address
        315 S. 7th St. Las Vegas, NV  89101
Electronic mail
General Information:  BillSwick@msn.com
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