Click a track and play the white notes!  That's all there is to it!

Play-Along Tracks for Swickster Volume One:  Improvisation

Track 1    Easy 2-5 (no melody)

Track 2    Easy 2-5 Version 2 (no melody)

Track 3     Easy 2-5-1 (no melody)

Track 4    EZ Bossa

Track 5    Basie Swing

Track 6    Here Comes the Bluegrass

Track 7    Smash Hit Top 40

Track 8    Slow, Funky, Minor Blues

Track 9    Fast Django Minor Blues

Track 10    Blink Metal

Track 11    Rhythm & Blues

Track 12    Metal Blues

Track 13    Rock Funk

Track 14    Fixed Mode 2 Funk


To listen to these tracks with the melody and solos already recorded, click here:  Recording of the Eleven Original Melodies for Volume 1 composed by Raymond Williams


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